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Video and Phone Consultations

Even when you can’t access one of our clinics in person, we still have you and your family covered with affordable online appointments when you want and from where you want.

Online Doctors

Doctors appointments have never been so accessible or convenient

With new service and technology improvements in Telehealth and online health support, It’s now possible to see a doctor from the comfort and safety of your own home – or wherever else you might be – virtually.

With the only requirements being an internet connection and a phone, tablet or computer, you can confidently get access to the care you need, when you need, through our virtual appointments service, Bettr Online Doctors.

With Bettr, you’ll get access to:

  • Experienced, registered Kiwi doctors
  • 7 days a week appointment availability from 8 am to 8pm
  • Affordable appointments – as low as $10 for a registered patient and free for all patients under 14 yrs;
  • New Zealand’s lowest-priced online appointments
  • Fast online booking – book in just minutes
  • No clinic waiting times or queuing
  • Peace of mind knowing your online consultations are private and secure
  • You can even order prescriptions online, too – perfect if you have a repeat.

Available to both our registered and non-registered patients, book an appointment now or learn more below.

What you need to know about seeing a doctor online

From how healthcare is provided virtually and what to expect from the online doctor’s consultations process to pricing and how to book an appointment online, below we will explore everything you need to know about virtual doctor appointments and our Bettr service.

How virtual health works

Seeing an online doctor is really easy, and gives you access to the same high-quality medical attention you would receive in one of our physical clinics.

Combined with your patient history, our doctors are trained to ensure they can fully understand and accurately support you even without seeing or examining you physically in a majority of non-urgent cases.

So far, we’ve had thousands of patients successfully use our online consultations from the comfort of their couch. We see this as a great success, and our patients do too. Some have even been kind enough to put their experience into words – you can see what they thought on the Bettr website under ‘Testimonials’.

How do I book an online doctor’s appointment?

With our online care system Bettr, we’ve made booking an online doctor’s appointment as easy as can be. You can book an appointment online in just minutes from anywhere, 7 days a week from 8 am.

Fast. Simple. Secure. Affordable.

To get started with Bettr, all you need to do is complete 4 easy steps online:

  1. Answer some quick screening questions
  2. Select a doctor of your choice, date and time that best suits you
  3. Enter your details, and;
  4. Make one easy low payment.

Once completed, your online doctor’s consultation will be booked. We’ll send you confirmation of your booking and a link via email and/or SMS (depending on what options you select when booking) to invite you to your online consultation. When the time comes, and with your camera-enabled device at hand, simply open the link, and your online appointment will commence.

Attending a consultation is easy

Before your virtual appointment, make sure you have access to a good internet connection and your smartphone, tablet or laptop at the ready with the camera enabled. Find somewhere quiet to sit where you won’t be interrupted.

When your consultation time arrives, just tap the link we provide in email or SMS to enter the virtual waiting room.

The doctor will admit you into your session at the booked time. Your doctor will use a combination of conversation, video observation, and patient history to provide you with an accurate diagnosis. If you are unable to do a video consultation, a phone consultation can still be arranged for many conditions.

Virtual appointments are up to 10 minutes in length.

After your consult

At the end of your consultation, the doctor will discuss and confirm what happens next, whether that might be a test, prescription to be filled, a follow-up appointment in person or online, a referral or provide other additional information or advice you need to follow.

If you are not a Tamaki Health registered patient (for Bettr, Local Doctors or White Cross), then you will be asked for your usual GP or clinic, and for permission to send the visit records to this contact. You may accept or decline this.

When to use virtual consultations

Virtual doctor consultations are a fast and safe way to make sure you can get the medical attention you need, right away, anywhere. They are perfect for appointments when it might be difficult for you to travel, or if you just prefer the privacy, comfort and safety of your home.

In most cases, an online doctor can even see you the same day you book, and appointments are very affordable – even more than you might think. New Zealand’s cheapest virtual doctor consultations, see our pricing below.

What health needs are virtual consults suitable for?

Virtual consultations are great for many non-urgent and non-critical medical concerns.

Note: If you have a health emergency or are in severe distress, please call 111 for immediate attention.

The concerns we can help with via video consultation include allergies, skin conditions and rashes, respiratory problems, coughs, cold and flu, mental health and wellness, oral health, infectious diseases, infections, smoking cessation, digestive and abdominal health, minor injuries, medical certificates, referrals, lab tests, travel medicine, prescriptions and more.

If your health concern is likely to need physical examination then it may be best for you to see a doctor in person. Telehealth works best when we can clearly see you face-to-face via the screen as well as hearing your voice.

New Zealand’s lowest priced online doctor consultations are available with Bettr.

  • $10 if you are registered with our network (which includes Local Doctors and White Cross as well as Bettr online doctors).
  • $49 for non-registered patients.
  • FREE for all patients under 14 (even if they are not enrolled).

You can make payment securely by credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

Arranging repeat prescriptions with virtual consultations

If you are an existing patient or are booking a repeat prescription, then you can organise your online prescription via a virtual consult. If you are a new patient seeking a prescription for the first time, then you will need to see a doctor in person first.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about Telehealth and online doctor consultations check out Bettr’s website for in-depth answers to further questions around appointments, available doctors and how it all works.

Enrol with us and save on every visit: online and in person.

The Bettr online service is part of the Tamaki Health network. We are New Zealand’s largest independent healthcare network, with 40+ urgent care and GP clinics under Local Doctors and White Cross clinics. When you’re enrolled with our network, you save on every consultation and have access to our entire network of clinics, as well as online. Register once, and we take care of the rest. You do not have to be enrolled with us to have a virtual consult. Learn more >

Want to see our doctors in person?

If you decide that an online doctors consultation is not right for you, you can still book an appointment with a doctor in one of our 40+ physical clinics. Find a clinic

Some health concerns will need a physical appointment for appropriate treatment. Usually, we will be able to determine this in the screening questions during the booking process for your online appointment. If not, your virtual doctor will be able to help you book an appointment to be seen in person.

View the Bettr flyer: Bettr – New Zealand’s virtual doctors.

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