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Mana 4 Mums

We provide additional support to expectant mothers who are Māori or Pasifika, under 22 years old and live in South Auckland. Find out more about our Mana 4 Mums programme below. 

Mana 4 Mums

We know that pregnancy and early parenthood can be a struggle for young women, and we can help you by setting you up with one person who can coordinate the healthcare and wellbeing support you need during and after your pregnancy.

Mana 4 Mum’s is Tāmaki Health’s maternity services programme, which supports Māori and Pacifica mums under 22 years, helping to bridge the gap between Māmā, Pēpē & Essential Maternity Support.

Created in 2019 under the guidance of Tāmaki Health Founder Ranjna Patel and now lead by Ruchy Gupta, the programme has successfully supported over 1,300 young Mums in South Auckland.

Independent, empowered and supported.

Mana 4 Mums is a FREE service for enrolled patients. It provides support from the time the young woman tests positive for pregnancy through to the early years of her child’s development, helping to access the healthcare, social and wellbeing support services that she needs during and after pregnancy.

One of the key differences that sets Mana 4 Mums apart and makes a huge impact on young people’s lives during the early stages of pregnancy, is the empathetic approach taken combined with education – empowering young Māori and Pacific women to make their own informed decisions about the care they need.

  • The benefits to the young Mums and their children are endless:
  • Booking a scan appointment
  • Finding a Lead Maternity Career (LMC) or hospital midwife
  • Having a smoke-free and alcohol-free pregnancy
  • Parenting classes
  • Emotional health issues
  • Engaging with a social worker
  • Well-child checks
  • Enrolling your baby with Plunket
  • WINZ
  • Housing assistance

There is no doubt that our Mana 4 Mums programme is making a significantly positive impact on the lives of our young mums and the tāmariki they raise.

View the Mana 4 Mums flyer. 

If you think you are eligible for the programme or would like more information, please email our maternity services coordinator: ruchy.gupta@tamakihealth.co.nz