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Pride Pledge at Tāmaki Health

We have great news to share! 

Tāmaki Health has signed up for the Pride Pledge! An initiative that aligns with our commitment to further develop an inclusive and safe workplace & organisation for our own staff and the communities we serve.

To celebrate the new alliance, the Wellness Support Team October equity session was focused on the Rainbow/Takatāpui community, and the afternoon was hosted by Tāmaki Health’s Rainbow/Takatāpui advisory board: Antony, Antonia, April, Caitlin and Zahra.

The team discussed the terminology and the raw, upsetting, but very real history of the Rainbow/Takatāpui community in Aotearoa.

They were educated on how to be an ally in their engagement with whaiora, colleagues, friends, and whānau. 

The board highlighted that we all have our own private beliefs and values and that rainbow people do not deny anyone their private beliefs; they are not trying to change people from one thing to another. They are just asking for real acceptance, equality, and decent human kindness.

We all have our private beliefs, and we understand that we need to keep these private at times and not let these beliefs turn into biases or judgements that discriminate against others. Judgement is not our business; supporting others is our business.

The session ended with a spread of rainbow-inspired kai and a small dance party, Mardi Gras style. 

The Pride Pledge is a values-based commitment that organisations and individuals can take to demonstrate their dedication to the safety, visibility, and inclusion of the rainbow members of their community and workforce, both internally and externally.