COVID Update
  • With the move to Level 4 there have been changes in clinic hours and open/closed status for some of our clinics. Visit our clinic directory to see if your usual clinic has reduced hours or is temporarily closed during Level 4.
  • We are also conscious that the Covid-19 Delta variant that is currently in New Zealand, can spread more easily than the original Covid-19 virus. To help our patients and staff reduce the spread of the Delta variant, White Cross and Local Doctors are setting up several clinics as either dedicated RED or GREEN clinics for the moment. Learn More
Enrol With Us

Online portal gives you control over your healthcare

If you are enrolled with Local Doctors you can access your personal health records, view lab results and more, via online patient portal ManageMyHealth
You can access your confidential portal from any device, anywhere in the world, and view records related to things like allergies, prescriptions and immunisations. A major benefit is that this information can then be quickly and easily shared with other healthcare providers as required.
As well as helping you to better manage your health care, ManageMyHealth can save time and money. Where previously a repeat prescription might have required a trip to the clinic, these can now be requested through the portal.
You may also be able to book an appointment at the clinic you are enrolled at through ManageMyHealth – search for a clinic via White Cross or Local Doctors to see whether they offer this service. 
Just ask the receptionist at your local clinic to sign you up to ManageMyHealth.