COVID Update
  • With the move to Level 4 there have been changes in clinic hours and open/closed status for some of our clinics. Visit our clinic directory to see if your usual clinic has reduced hours or is temporarily closed during Level 4.
  • We are also conscious that the Covid-19 Delta variant that is currently in New Zealand, can spread more easily than the original Covid-19 virus. To help our patients and staff reduce the spread of the Delta variant, White Cross and Local Doctors are setting up several clinics as either dedicated RED or GREEN clinics for the moment. Learn More
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At Local Doctors we try harder to make things better for all. So, it's our goal to make it easy for visitors of all ages, genders, ethnicities and abilities to quickly and easily find whatever they are looking for and understand what they are reading.


The site aims to comply with the following New Zealand Government standards:

  • the Web Accessibility Standard, which focuses on improving website accessibility for people with disabilities
  • the Web Usability Standard, which focuses on non-accessibility requirements like presenting contact, copyright, and privacy information.

The Local Doctors website has the following accessibility features: 

  • Standard user experience accessibility features are built into the site, eg, pages are designed to be easy to read. This includes the site’s use of colours, fonts, and images.
  • Clear, easy to understand information and website menus/buttons.

The website should display correctly in all common browsers, operating systems and page resolutions (mobile devices, desktop computers, etc); with and without scripting, images and stylesheets.

We will continue working to ensure the site’s content is clear and accessible and to improve the site’s layout, structure, and usability. So it’s easier to quickly find what you are looking for.

If you have feedback about what else can be done to improve accessibility on this website, please contact us